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Lake Maracaibo

Lake Maracaibo is located in Venezuela and is one of the largest in South America and one of the oldest in the world. The western part of the lake surrounded by huge plantations of cocoa, and southern - sugar cane.

Across the lake straddles a giant bridge, offering a luxurious landscape. The water surface of the lake is surrounded by a fancy belt of vegetation. Lush tropical forests, marshy lagoon, drought-resistant plants surround the shore of Maracaibo. Here towering giant trees with large flowers of unusual colors. The surface of the lake as it is cut thousands of oil rigs. This neighborhood does not spoil the overall look, but as it complements it. Metallic sheen structures scattered in the bluish mirror Maracaibo. 


The lake is also the largest oil field in Venezuela. However, despite the fact that it stretches around the entire complex for the extraction of natural resources, the water here is incredibly clean. Under its thickness laid over 18,000 kilometers of pipelines. 


There is a beautiful legend about the origin of the lake. According to this body of water was named after an Indian chief Mara. He led the struggle of the indigenous population of the colonialists. In one of the battles of the brave leader died a heroic death and satisfied the Spaniards in a loud voice shouted "Mara cayo!", Which means "Mara fell." However, scientists believe that "Cayo Mara" means "the place in front of the sea." 


The lake is known for its extraordinary atmospheric phenomena. Almost every night at the confluence of the Catatumbo river into the lake you can see a flash of lightning. This effect lasts for seven of the ten hours. Endless Rain is unique in its nature. The most interesting thing is that they are not accompanied by thunder. The discharges are born, as it were by themselves in the clouds and die before reaching the ground. Light effect on an unprecedented scale is visible at a distance of several hundred kilometers. Knowingly Maracaibo called "lake of lightning." In addition to its unique, natural phenomena and are important for the environment. Lightning over Maracaibo are the great source of recovery of the ozone layer of our planet. 


The lake is connected to the Gulf of Venezuela in small narrow strait. It is fed by water from a variety of streams and rivers. Right on the surface of the water on stilts built several villages. They still exist far away from civilization. In the western part of the lake of the same name built port of Maracaibo. On the shores of home nearly a quarter of the total population. 


Lake Maracaibo is attractive for its mystery and beauty. Being the incredible natural source of "black gold", it does not become a field for the extraction of money. Lake captivates with its fascinating magic. The spectacle of endless lightning leads one to believe in a miracle which you can see with your own eyes! 

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