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University City of Caracas

The campus of Caracas is located in the central part of the capital. It was designed by Carlos Raul Villanueva. Construction of a grand architectural masterpiece was conducted almost two decades from 1940 to 1960. It involved the great masters of different sectors and areas of art of the time. In 2000, the campus was declared a World Heritage Site. 


The complex is characterized by a holistic composition and includes the addition of numerous architectural structures (university administration building, office building, main auditorium, concert hall, central library and other facilities) and the masterpieces of art. In addition, an integral part of the ensemble is well-organized its surrounding tropical nature. 


The most famous big audience Aula Magna. Its roof is made ​​in the shape of a seashell, and the ceiling gently floating clouds. "Clouds" were translated from the U.S. sculptor Alexander Calder. Also impressive is the Olympic center with lots of sports stadiums with stands at 3,000 locations. 


To get to the village can be in any form of public transport, going to the center of Caracas. 

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