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Small village Chuao

The village is famous for its Hacienda Chuao cocoa plantations of trees not only throughout Venezuela, but also in the world. She get lost among the mountains, and to reach it is often very difficult. Roads for cars there are missing. And the best way to get there - on foot through the mountains or along a mountain river on a boat. Any local fisherman for a little money to get you to agree to this famous Cocoa Village. 


From the port is a direct path to the Hacienda Chuao. Nature is amazing, and the port is amazing. Yellow sandy beach is surrounded by lush greenery creeping jungle, surrounded on all sides by towering mountains, as if guarding this piece of paradise. Half an hour's walk eyes the village itself. At its center is a church. On the square, adjacent to it, the locals dried cacao fruit, evenly placing them on the ground. 


Since all of the activities of people associated with the cultivation of cocoa, a village just soaked his scent, and in many shops is a corresponding products for all tastes. 

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